Nani’s ninnu kori is really a fresh breath to Telugu film industry.

Film made clear that our Telugu heroes are ready for experiment. Film breaks all the stereotypes by keeping lead actor nani aside and focusing only on the beautiful unsung relationship of aadi and nivetha.

Nani took a daring decision by accepting the film because he is nothing more than a character artist in this film just like aamir in Dangal.Nani deserves each and every appreciation he is getting because of sticking only to the character.

Aaadi penishetty will haunt you through out the film as his subtle emotions kept audience guessing throughout the film and that’s what helped in the climax twist.

cinematography in the film is nothing less than international standard.

Music can be even better and took the proceedings beautiful.

The way director unfolds each and every character is beautiful and  the five characters in the film are used with utmost care.

overall, ninnukori is a beautiful film with emotions to the core.