Our raging: 3/5

Raju gari gadhi2 is the return of super hit film directed by omkar.Apparently, thus is the first telugu sequel after bahubali series which is going to again a hit status.

This film has broke many stereotypes in telugu films. For example, the leading hero Nagarjuna does not have a love interest in the film and all other actors like samantha,sreerath kapoor have been seen as singles which is very rare in telugu.The film does not feature many songs and few songs are absolutely situational and carry forwards the story. Another major thing ise introduction of hero after more than thirty minutes of film.

Omkar excels as director with perfect pitching the pulse of the audience. The vfx showcased in the film is top notch. Dialogues were situational and good. 

Nagarjuna once again introduced a special character to the telugu film industry by playing mentalist. Samantha lived in the charecter with a very matured performance. All other actors like sreerat kapoor,vennela kishore,praveen, ashwin are well contributed to the story.

Overall, the film is going to be a blockbuster at the box office.