• Budget-17 cr
  • Rights-12cr
  • Collections-45cr
  • Hit

Nene raju nene mantri opened well at the box office.

Here are the day wise collections of nrnm

  • First day-8
  • Two days-13cr
  • Three days-18 cr
  • Four days-23 cr
  • Five days-27 cr
  • Six days-29 cr
  • First week-32 cr
  • Second weekend-37cr
  • Full run-45 cr

The film broke many stereo types about the film making as it has lot of important character to heroine kajal, incidentally this is her 50 th film.

Film shows each and every emotion of jogendra including negative emotions. Tragic ending is very daring step from the team.

Films satellite rights sold for 5 cr which is highest in rana career.

Film is releasing in telugu,tamil,malayalam

Telugu theatrical rights are sold for 12 cr,tamil for 5 cr,malayalam for 1 cr.

All versions satellite rights are sold for 15 cr including hindi satellite.

  • Telugu theatrical rights-12 cr
  • Tamil theatrical-5 cr
  • Malayalam all rights-1 cr
  • Telugu satellite-5 cr
  • Hindi satellite-5 cr
  • Digital rights-5 cr
  • Music, branding,