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  • Distribution rights-6cr
  • Distributor share-14cr
  • Hit

Nikhil after defeating demonetisation with his blockbuster film Ekkadiki potavu chinnavada is back with his crime thriller Keshava with the director who turned his career with swami rara.

Film opened with 4cr at the box office which is highest for nikhil.It collected 8cr in first weekend and 14cr in first week.It has finished its run by collecting 24cr.

It second highest grosser of Nikhil only next to ekkadiki potavu chinnavada which collected 27cr gross and 17cr share.

Producer earnings:

  • Budget=6cr
  • Theatrical rights=6cr
  • satellite=3cr
  • profits=-6+6+3=3cr

Distributor earnings:

  • Rights=6cr
  • share=14cr
  • profits=-6+14=8cr