• Budget-65cr
  • Collection-140cr
  • Hit

    • First day-46cr
    • Two days-60cr
    • Three days-75cr
    • Four days-90cr
    • Five days-95cr
    • Six days-100cr
    • Seven days-105cr
    • Eight days-108cr
    • Nine days-112cr
    • Ten days-115cr
    • Eleven days-118cr
    • Twelve days-120cr
    • Thirteen day-124
    • Two weeks-127cr
    • Full run-140cr

    It is biggest hit of NTR crossing Janata garage which grossed 135.cr

      Jai lava kusa made with a budget of 65cr(see break down in budget category).

      Telugu satellite rights sold for 13cr and Hindi satellite rights sold for 11cr.

      Digital rights sold for 3cr, music rights sold for 2cr, branding fetched 2 cr.

      Hence makers recovered 30cr before the release.

      • Budget-70cr
      • Theatricals-85cr
      • Satellite all versions-25cr
      • Digital,music-7cr
      • Other-3cr

      Total recovery-120cr