• Budget-150 cr
  • Recovered from non-theatricals-30 cr
  • Theatrical share-35cr
  • FlopJagga jasoos review

Ranbir kapoor and katrina kaif starrer Jagga jasoos directed by anurag basu who gave a hit like barfi.

The film made on a huge budget of 150 cr in musical aadventure genre.

The film recovered 30 cr from its non theatrical rights like tv, music, digital etc

Jagga jasoos collected a distributor share of 6 cr on day one,15 cr in two days,27 cr in three days at the box office.35 cr in its full run.

Film made with a budget of 150 cr and recovered 30 cr from non theatricals and 35 cr from theatricals generating a 65 cr revenue.

The film had a total loss of 85 cr.