Gautam nanda is a huge budget movie starring Gopichand,Hansika,catherine therissa is directed by sampath nandi who earlier directed Rachcha and Bengal tiger.

Budget break down:

Gopichand took a remuneration of 3 cr,Hansika took 1 cr, Catherine took 50 lk,sampath nandi took 2 cr, other actors and technicians took 3.5 cr.

The makers spent a huge 15cr for the production of the film and 1 cr for marketing of the film.

Hence, the total budget of the film is 26 cr.

Pre release business:

Gautam nanda worldwide theatrical rights are sold at 20 cr, satellite rights sold at 5 cr, other rights are for 2 cr.

The total revenue generated by the film is 27 cr

Producer profit is 1 cr.