Fida is an amazingly refreshing film directed by shekar kammula after a long time. Film marks the debut of sai pallavi in Telugu.

Here are the five aspects of the film.

  1. Story: The story of fida is fresh and simple. The film mostly depends on moments.
  2. Direction: shekar kammula once again proofs that he is master in craft of film making. He succeeded in establishing chemistry between lead pair, casting, maintaining the pace of the film.
  3. Performance: sai pallavi is the heart and soul of the film. She is supremely talented and it is treat to watch her on screen. All other characters casting is fresh and everyone excel in their roles.
  4. Music: Music played a key role in success of the film with each and every song is pleasure in the theatre.
  5. Cinematography: It is absolute craft skill made the film look excellent on all the frames.

Overall, the movie is a pure shekar kammula film.

Our rating: 5/5.