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Baahubali2 starring Prabhas  had a gigantic opening at the worldwide box office.Movie Exceed all expectations in terms of box office and no one in the future except rajamouli can break these records.It became highest ever opened indian film in the history.Film easily can reach 1000cr mark.

Some of the records set by bahubali2 are:

  • First film to cross 200cr gross on first day(210cr) beating Kabali of 87cr
  • First film to gross over 100cr net on day1 where previous highest is 50 cr of Baahubali(121cr)
  • First film to gross over 100cr share on first day(105cr) beating kabali of 47cr.
  • second film after Shahrukh khan‘s Happy new year to gross over 40cr net in Hindi.
  • First film to collect 3 back to back  40cr net only in Hindi.(40+42+46)
  • First film to collect highest single day in Hindi of 46 cr.
  • First film to gross over 500cr in weekend iteself where none of the films before crossed that mark even in one week.


Share(cr) Gross(cr)
First day worldwide share 122 214
Second day 194 356
First weekend 270 510
5days worldwide 367 703
First week 429 820
Total 820 1700

Producer recovery:

  • Budget-200cr
  • Theatrical rights=355cr
  • satellite=110cr
  • others=45cr
  • profits=-200+355+45=200cr

Distributor recovery:

  • Rights=355cr
  • share=820cr
  • profits=465cr