Want to see something very unusual and bright? Then you have hit the target. Here we will propose you a collection of 4 new Indian films, which once again will drive you crazy and make you rush into the maelstrom of passion. The secret of the attractiveness of these movies is simple: they are connected with the folk traditions of one of the most ancient cultures in the world. This is a rich base for creativity in the popular genre of fantasy. Colorful designs and good quality amaze the imagination and tell old tales about various deities in a new way.

Of course, it is difficult to imagine Indian film production without the eternal problems of love and difficult relationships with relatives. Themes traditional for national art have received rapid development in modern realities. As before, one can once again be a witness of a lot of difficulties that fate has prepared for lovers. Although most often a happy end and a beautiful wedding are waiting for them.

Indian movies are not just about dancing, as you have first thought, but about the most beautiful and sincere real action movies and love dramas. The main characters are incredible: they have marvelous skills, physical strength, and power of the mind. These movies combine drama and special effects. If you want a light and unobtrusive spectacle, then the comedy of local film studios will make you laugh at the adventures of the characters. As always there were a lot of new projects these years, so fans should not worry. Chose the one for yourself and watch it on a date with one of these beautiful single girls online you like!

The Stories of Our Love / Our Story

Original title: Teri Meri Kahaani

In the center of the plot of the romantic comedy “Our Love Stories,” there are three stories, three fates of passionate couples that unfold in different time periods. The Year of 1910. Sargodha, Lahore. In this unstable time, the city is filled with fighters for justice and independence from the British colonialists. An idle and the notorious heart-breaker Javed accidentally meets the beautiful Aradhnaya and falls in love with the girl. But her father is a political activist, and in order to win the heart of his beloved, a guy will have to work a lot.

The year of 1960. Bombay, India. A musician Govinda and famous young actress Ruxar get acquainted in a train, but the best girlfriend of Ruxar is against their couple.

The year of 2012. England. London. The young beautiful man Keerish got through the breakup with his girlfriend Mira and met the enchanting Radha. But his ex is not going to give up; she begins a real war. Different times, different customs and life views, but if you look closely, you can see that feelings have always been and will be the same.

Spices and Passions

Original title: The Hundred-Foot Journey.

Indians have long been living not only in native India, but also in England, which, so to speak, is their second home, but a few of them have been seen in the French Provence. It was there that the heroes of the film, members of the Indian family Kadam, moved. An elegant French Madame Malory has never dreamed of such neighbors. Her restaurant in the south of France, “Blooming Willow” has been the best of the best for many years, because only the best chefs have been working in the restaurant of Madame Malory and it has been serving only the most delicious dishes cooked in French culinary traditions. However, with the arrival of a noisy Indian family, whose head decided to open a restaurant of the national cuisine right in front of the “Blooming Willow,” everything has changed a lot. Exotic Indian cuisine with lots of fragrant spices became a real discovery in Provence, which has led to a battle between the restaurants.


Original title: Dheepan.

After the end of the civil war in Sri Lanka, three complete strangers – an armed formidator Tigris Tamil, a woman, and a little girl – are fleeing to France in search of a better life under the documents of the deceased family of Dheepan Natarajan. This trinity finds a retreat in the suburbs of Paris. They think that here they will finally have a calm life. But after all, a life in a quarter of full immigrants seres them new challenges that will really make them close as never.

Baahubali: The Beginning

Original title: Baahubali: The Beginning.

The hero of the Indian epic legends Baahubali was a brave and courageous warrior. He was the son of Rishabhadev, the Taksashil ruler. But Baahubali also had a brother who he constantly entered into confrontation within the fight for his lands. One of these battles was so bloody, that, despite the fact that Baahubali won, he decided to abandon the throne. He became a monk. Now a great warrior spends time in meditations. Will he be able to find the state of calm?